International Journal of Ethics in Social Sciences (IJESS)

ISSN 2308-5096 (Print), ISSN 2311-620X (Online)

International Journal of Ethics in Social Sciences, Launching in 2013, aims at publishing high quality research papers in the discipline of Business, Science & Humanities. It tenders a top-notch space for researchers, academics, and practitioners where issues of every kind particularly allied to modern business; Science & Arts can actively be furnished and discussed.

This journal which traces the features of the practices of social sciences, embedded in a strong ethical doctrine, can play a vital role in enhancing the values of human life in every aspects of Business, Science and humanities.

All articles shall be subject to a thorough peer review process by an experienced and highly regarded review board. This process guarantees the reader thought-provoking, in-depth articles covering a wide range of social science related issues and concerns.

Unique Attributes

 This is one of the worthy journals that attempts to make up the gap between social sciences and ethical dogma. The Journal is designed to address the challenges facing practitioners specially involved in business and social science activities with ethical perspective.

Key Journal Audiences

  • Scholars at all levels of qualification and experience, interested in issues explored in Social Sciences and Ethics.
  • The Journal will also appeal to and target business research centers all over the world, public and private libraries, companies with operations, various government institutions, and individuals interested in understanding ethical practices in Business, Science and Humanities.

Editorial team
(i)  Chief Editor: Prof. Dr. Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid (University Technology  Malaysia)
(ii) Executive Editor: Md. Shariful Haque, Associate Professor (Int’l Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh)

Key Members of the Editorial Body:

  • Prof. Cedomir Nestorovic, PhD
  • Prof. Md. Harun-Ar-Rashid
  • Prof. S. M. Shafiqul Islam, PhD
  • Prof. Md. Harunur Rashid, PhD
  • Prof. Rosni Bakar, PhD
  • Prof. Farid A. Sobhani, PhD
  • Prof. Begum Ismat Ara Hoque, PhD
  • Prof. A. K. M. Ahasanul Haque, PhD
  • Prof. Madya Md. Aminul Islam, PhD
  • Prof. Madya Md. Golam Mohiuddin, PhD
  • Abdullah Bin Osman, PhD
  • Asst Prof. Md. Abdullah Raihan, M. Sc (IIUI, Pakistan)
  • Asst Prof. Md. Tarikul Islam, M. Sc (Hull, UK)
  • Asst Prof. Md. Abul Kalam Azad, M. Sc (Bedfordshire, UK)
  • Asst Prof. Md. Azmir Hossain, MBA (D. U)
  • Md. Mukitul Hoque

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