Becoming a Member of CRIMB

i) All Bangladeshi  and other who feel interest shall be eligible to become a member of the Center subject to abiding by the rules framed by the Executive Body (EB).

ii) The Center shall consist of Members and Research Fellows (RF).

iii) The number of Members shall be unlimited if not fixed by the EB. Any educated person having profound interest in the fields can be a member of the Center.

iv) The number of Research Fellows (RF) shall not be more than 30. In order to become a RF a member must have master degree in Business Management with contribution in the relevant fields. A member having a post graduate degree can be selected as RF if the Selection Committee thinks him/her fit for being so.

Membership Fees during Registration:

Life time Member-              Tk 20000.00/ $300

Research Fellow Member-  Tk  5000.00/ $100

General Member-                Tk  3000.00/ $80

Student Member –               Tk  1500.00/ $50

(Fee per year: RF-Tk 1500.00, GM-Tk 1000.00, SM-Tk 500.00)

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