1st Issue: December 2013

International Journal of Ethics in Social Sciences (IJESS)

Volume 1 Number 1 December 2013

ISSN 2311-620X (Online)

ISSN 2308-5096(Print)

Relationship Between Unethical Practices, Psychological Contract Violation and Supplier Performance

Mohammed Sangiru Umar, Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid and Mohammadghorban Mehri

Implementing HRM Strategies to Improve Ethical Performance in the Private Business Organizations: An Evaluation on Financial Service Sector of Bangladesh

Md. Azmir Hossain

The Impact of Supply Chain Integration on Operational Capability in Malaysian Manufacturers

Thoo Ai Chi, Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid, Amran Rasli and Huam Hon Tat

Behavioral Aspects of Individual Investors for Investment in Bangladesh Stock Market

Rahnuma Akhter and Sultan Ahmed

Contribution of Privatized Commercial Banks in Agricultural Investment – A Case of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Syeda Tanjila Shahnewaz and Md. Shariful Haque

Youth Entrepreneurship Development Issues and Policy Support

Rajibul Islam, Dr. Kazi Nasrin Farooque and Rashed Ahmed

Causes and Consequences of Rural- Urban Migration in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study in Chittagong City

Md. Nezum Uddin and Mahamuda Firoj

Advertising: An Islamic Perspective

Dr. Mohammad Ekramol Islam, Mohammad Zahedul Alam

Supplier Development Research Viewpoint in the Course of Textile Industry

Amer Rajput and Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid

George Herbert and Gerard Manly Hopkins: A Comparative Reading of their Religious Experience

Sultana Jahan

Islamic Perspectives in Approaching Literature: Representation of Muslim Life and Practices in Palli Kabi (Country Poet) Jasimuddin’s Poetry

Mohammad Kaosar Ahmed

Islamization of Knowledge in Bangladesh Hindrances and Solutions

Muhammad Amimul Ahsan, Md. Jaweed Iqbal, and Md. Cholem Ullah

Synopsis of ‘The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam’

Md. Mokhter Ahmad

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