5th Issue, Vol. 3, No. 2

International Journal of Ethics in Social Sciences

Vol. 3, No. 2, December 2015

ISSN 2308-5096 (Print), ISSN 2311-620X (Online)

Effective Credit Rating Issues and Intercession for Advancement of Bangladesh: An Ethical Perspective

Benazir Imam Majumder

Green Marketing: Consumers’ Perceptions of Organic Foods in Dhaka City

Sultan Ahmed

Ethical Leadership: Its Issues and Impacts in Organization

Mobarak Hossain

The Factual Confrontation of the Expansion of Permanent Members of the UN Security Council for Persuading Larger Freedom: A Proposal for the UN Reformation

Dilruba Parvin & Md. Zubair Kasem Khan

Criminal Accountability and Juvenile Offenders : A Study Under Islamic Principles, International Law and the Children Act, 2013

Mohammad Saiful Islam

E-Surveillance Vis-à-Vis Digital Privacy Rights under the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Act- 2006: Inquesting of New Hope or Hype?

Md. Zubair Kasem Khan & Dilruba Parvin

Measuring Job Satisfaction Level of Garment Industrial Workers in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Dhaka District

Norkutubul Alam Bhuiyan

Youth Development Policies & Programs in Bangladesh and Areas of
Co-operation in Muslim Ummah: A Theoretical Study

Mohammad Aman Uddin Muzahid

The Effect of Audit Firm Size & Abnormal Audit Fees on Independent Auditor’s Opinion: Conceptual Framework (Bangladesh Perspective)

Md. Abu Toha & Md. Asiqur Rahman

A Comparative Study of Opportunities and Challenges Among International Students in Australia and Malaysia

Abu Bakar Imran


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