Islam is the complete code of life. It has provided all the best way outs in all spheres of human visible and invisible activities. The contribution of Islam in Management and Business is a lot. But it was not much recognized over the several centuries of human history. Today’s business organizations are suffering from diverse problems regarding several types of competition, strategies, economic ups and downs, political instability, lacking of ethics and morality which have become regular scenario. To overcome these problems we need ideal philosophy where Islam may be the only alternative. The renaissance of Islam all over the world is remarkable in the current century. The process for Islamization of Knowledge (IOK) has also been restarted. Center for Research on Islamic Management and Business (CRIMB), a registered research center, is working with  regard to the process of developing, documenting and disseminating the knowledge, thoughts and the real concepts of Islamic Management and Business as a part of global responsibility particularly to serve the Ummah as a whole. CRIMB has already got MoU with IIUC (www.iiuc.ac.bd) , II STE (www.iiste.org) & MIU (www.manarat.ac.bd) and getting supports of different forms from them.

The Mission of the Center

CRIMB wants to be a leading school of research in the field of Islamic Management and business producing academic journals, books, compilations and other materials for Islamization of knowledge in a celestial manner.

The Functions of the Center

  • To design, documentation, dissemination and institutionalization of Islamic Management and Business ideas, thoughts and knowledge.
  • To foster properly qualified and creative manpower with dedication to the nation, leadership and Islam.
  • To Islamize the different disciplines and courses of Management and Business education.
  • To conduct research in order to popularize Islamic norms and thoughts relating to Management and Business Studies;
  • To organize seminars, symposia, training, workshops etc. to identify the Islamic solution to issues relating to Management, Business Studies and other related fields;
  • To organize different intellectual sessions e.g. lectures, talks, dialogues, and debates etc. in order to popularize the Islamic doctrine relating to the fields among students, teachers, researchers and other professionals especially business entrepreneurs;
  • To provide scholarship to the young researchers of home and abroad;
  • To take appropriate steps to eradicate the problems of modern conventional management works for the betterment of the society by research and publications; and
  • To maintain liaison with other organization(s) of similar nature in order to promote intellectual activities.