International Journal of Islamic Management and Business (IJIMB)

International Journal of Islamic Management and Business

1st Issue

Vol. 1, No. 1, August 2015

ISSN 2413-2330

 Editorial Board

1 Accounting Student Practical Skills in Islamic Accounting Course: At Universitas Indonesia
2 Compensation Management from Islamic Perspective
3 Are Islamic Finance Products and Services Islamic: A Perceptual Analysis from Malaysia and United Arab Emirates
4 Potential Of Zakat In Eliminating Riba And Eradicating Poverty In Muslim Countries
5 Islamic Management and Its Present Applications in Islamic Organizations in Bangladesh
6 Ethical Issues in Computer Use: A Study from Islamic Perspective
7 Branding Islamic Spiritual Tourism: An Exploratory Study in Australia & Pakistan
8 Women Entrepreneurship: Islamic Perspective
9 The Principal Leadership Style In Improving Teacher Performance of Junior High School in Bangladesh
10 Managing From Islamic Perspectives: Some Preliminary Findings from Malaysian Muslim Managed Organizations 

2nd Issue

Vol. 2, No. 2, August 2016

ISSN 2413-2330

Editorial Board

1 Ethical Leadership: Its Issues and Impacts in Organization
2 Motivating People in Organizations: The Islamic Way
3 Leadership: An Islamic Perspective
4 Accounting Issues in Islamic Financial Industry and the Way Out
5 Contenporary practice of Riba, Gharar and Mysir in IBS & Fs
6 An Empirical analysis on Importance of Human Resource Accounting (HRA) Practices in the Organizations
7 Islamic Banking and Finance- Where are we
8 Islamic banks between religious and commercial logic:- Analytical comparison between Islamic And traditional finance
9 A link of Intellectual capital performance with Corporate Financial Performance: Comparative Study on Islamic Banks in Bangladesh
10 Begging and Islam: an Analysis

3rd Issue

Vol. 3, No. 1, 2017

ISSN 2413-2330 (Online), ISSN 2520-4874(Print)

Editorial Board

1 Organizational Leadership from Islamic Perspective:A Study on Some Institutes of Bangladesh
2 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance with Special Reference to Bangladesh
3 Marketing from Islamic Perspective: Some Cases from Muslim World, especially on Halal Business Activities in Malaysia and Bangladesh
4 Tauhidic Approach in Islamic Leadership and Management:
5 Makasid AL Shariah in the Governance and Management Strategy of Islamic Tourism Businesses
6 Islamic Micro Finance, an Approach to Poverty Alleviation
7 Female Workers in Ready Made Garments of Bangladesh: Problems, Sustainable Human Resource Development and Remedial Measures